Posted by: Christine L. | April 17, 2010


I wonder sometimes why I bother to keep my various blogs alive.

I have several others besides this one, you know.

One of them, Chrissy’s Postcard Page, is only updated every … well, let’s see … at least once every couple of years. (Or five.)

Yet I still get emails about it. People want to sell me postcards, or know where they can find one that they’ve been hunting for. I’m always astonished by its staying power.

Then there’s this … the Blog Before This Blog. I actually kept that one going pretty regularly.

But what killed it for me was that I knew my husband was the only one who read it regularly. And I got all self-conscious, not wanting to say anything that I didn’t think he would enjoy reading, or that would upset him.

I told him that, of course, and he assured me that I shouldn’t worry about it.

But I did, nonetheless. Which is why I started this blog. And so far, hubby hasn’t read it. (Even though I told him, a couple of weeks ago, that he could.)

Yet even this one hasn’t been updated regularly. Wonder why?

Author? Author?


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