Posted by: Christine L. | March 24, 2010

internet monk

I don’t write much about religion.

I used to. But the problem is, I either get preachy or snarky, depending on how strong my faith is – if I have any at all – at the time.

About a year ago, I discovered a writer named Michael Spencer, better known as The Internet Monk. He writes about religion the way everyone should – honestly, humorously, openly. He says things that other people are afraid to even think.

Or rather, he wrote. He said. Past tense.

You see, he hasn’t been writing on his blog for a while. Because he’s got cancer. And he’s dying.

Which makes this essay of his from a few years ago all the more poignant, and harrowing, to read. Because now he’s facing what he so feared.

I can only hope he’s going out as painlessly as possible. I know Christianity teaches that suffering can be good for us. And I can see that, in the abstract.

But even Jesus asked to have the cup pass from His lips.  And if that was OK for Jesus, then it should be OK for the rest of us.

So God, please don’t let Michael Spencer – who brought a lot of people who never met him in person closer to You – suffer any more than absolutely necessary, through this his final illness.

Give him peace. Give him rest. And an eternity full of light, laughter, and love.

(And by the way:  thanks for sending him to us, for a while.)

May the Lord protect us all the day long
Till the shades lengthen and evening comes
And the busy world is hushed
And the evening of life is over
And the day is done.
Then in his goodness may God give us safe lodging
And a holy rest, and peace at the last.

— John Henry Newman


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