Posted by: Christine L. | March 22, 2010

still here

I think I’m better.

It’s been a long bout this time.  Longer than I’ve ever been sick.  Not a fun time.

And yet, in some ways, not so bad.

For one thing, I’ve had a lot of time to read.  (Enforced bed rest does that to people.)  And I LOVE to read.  When I was working, I was always sneaking off to the ladies’ room with a book secreted under my armpit.  (A little more difficult if it was Stephen King.)

So I’m grateful for all the free time, to read whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to.

And I got reacquainted with an old friend called TELEVISION.  Hey, isn’t that Dr. Cox just hilarious?  And wow, who knew “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” were still on?

But now … finally! … spring is here, and my bronchitis is gone (well, mostly – still some residual coughing fits from time to time, but nowhere NEAR as bad as it’s been); and today, for the first time in weeks, I’m going to the gym for a workout.  Yay!

And oh, by the way, another byproduct of this long illness:  when it started, I was a closeted atheist.  But today, after a month of resting quietly and listening to birds chattering outside my windowsill, my faith in God is back.

Go figure.


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