Posted by: Christine L. | February 26, 2010


There is nothing more depressing than being sick for a long period of time.

And there is nothing more wonderful than that first day when you realize, after so long, that you are getting better.

There is nothing that feels better than that feeling of gratitude that wells up from deep inside when you step outside into the sunshine for the first time in weeks, breathe the warm, fragrant air, and know that you are going to be allowed to experience another spring, another summer.

There are some dubious reasons why people believe in God.  Ask any atheist or skeptic and they’ll list them in great detail.  And they’ll be right.

But I believe that this instinctive feeling of gratitude is one of the GOOD reasons.  And it’s not quite as easy to dismiss.

Despite the fact that I attend church with my husband, and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future, I do so primarily for social reasons.  I don’t really believe the doctrines and teachings of that or any other church.

But I continue to believe in a God of some kind.

Because on a warm, almost spring-like morning in February 2010, I am grateful to be alive.

And I need to say “thanks” to someone.


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