Posted by: Christine L. | February 16, 2010

lap band

Yesterday I was driving behind a bus that had one of those obnoxious ads for lap band surgery.  The big selling point these days is that you can get this surgery if you have to lose 50 pounds or more.

50 pounds? Hmm.  Well, it doesn’t surprise me that there are people who would be willing to mutilate their bodies and risk their lives to lose any amount of weight, given our fat-obsessed society, but 50 pounds seems like such a miniscule amount to me.

But surely they’re only advising this surgery for legitimate, serious health reasons, right?  Why yes, according to one of their radio spots, which I also heard yesterday.  A way too cheerful announcer was interviewing a woman who’d had the surgery and lost about a hundred pounds.

“What’s the BEST THING about losing ALL THAT WEIGHT?” chirped the announcer.

“Oh,” said the Real Person, “now I get to shop in all the FUN stores!”

“Ah hahahahahahah!” chortled the announcer.

Oh my GOD.  This poor woman, deprived of the joy of shopping in all the fun stores due to her humungous size.  Why, she was probably dying, DYING I say, all because she was refused entry into The Gap.  Of COURSE she had to have surgery!

Seriously, they’re pushing weight loss surgery so people can fit into hideously overpriced clothes and thus stimulate the economy?  Is that it?  I’m trying to get my brain wrapped around this concept.

Maybe I need a “brain band”.


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