Posted by: Christine L. | February 14, 2010


It’s early in the morning, about 6:15 a.m.  We went to a Valentine’s Day dance and spaghetti dinner at our church.

It was pretty boring at first – almost like junior high.  You’d think once men and women pass a certain age they’ll get over this crap, but no:  the women all wanted to dance and the men all wanted to sit and talk.

So then the D.J. started playing “Bad Girls” – you know, that disco song where they sing “Toot toot, beep beep” over and over again.  And a whole bunch of us women just got up and started dancing together.  It was great!

I think a lot of us were flashing back to that “Sex and the City” episode (Where There’s Smoke).  The one with the hot firemen, and Charlotte went nuts dancing to this song and declared she was going to get married that year.   Remember?  Here, this should help:

Anyway, it was really a lot of fun, and it intrigues me that the times I’m most likely to enjoy myself at any sort of church event these days are when we go “off book” – when we’re doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with religion or doctrine or God or anything.

Just a bunch of people, together, having fun.  If I were God, I’d rather see that than a liturgy, any day.


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